Words from Sarah Hamer, Editor

s42677ca110077_27_0 When I was a kid, I was an insatiable reader of everything I could get my hands on. I know lots of  people who won’t read a book twice but as I found stories to love, I discovered that some became old trusted friends, ones I could visit time and time again.

I still have favorites, ones I can practically quote word for word. A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle is one of them. My favorite teacher, Mrs. Boltz, read a chapter a day to us during my third grade year. I remember my immediate connection with Meg, since I too wore glasses and didn’t fit in; I gasped in horror when her little brother, Charles, became a automaton who didn’t love her ; I cheered wildly when they returned home safely. The hours of listening to a pair of great storytellers, both L’Engle and my teacher, as the words wove a spell around us all, is a memory I’ll always cherish. Together, they set me on a path of reading and writing, and loving both.

book_garden_pocketBooks were – and still are – my escape from a routine and dull world I can live in a castle, ride a dragon, fight pirates, and swim with mermaids. I can achieve a full range of emotions – laughter and tears, outrage and joy, horror and happiness – simply by stepping into the magical world of stories. I can find new authors who can sweep me up into a fairy land of intrigue and mysterious creatures or teach me something I had never thought about.

How about you? What are your favorites that have made you laugh or cry? Do you, like me, have old friends with worn binding and loose pages? Or do you stop at one reading? Maybe I should ask it this way – HOW do you stop at one reading?                       book_cupcakes



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16 responses to “Words from Sarah Hamer, Editor

  1. Ah, a fellow book lover…I, too, re-read books. I’ve found that some of them have become more precious over time. As I delve into them again, it’s comforting to read about characters I love, but still discover nuances I’d missed on previous readings.


  2. hamerse

    How many favorites do you have? Mine fill an entire bookshelf and spill out onto the floor. They’re the ones I just can’t make myself give up.


  3. Jackie Rod

    Great blog, Sarah. Thanks for reminding us why we love books!


  4. My favorite book has always been The Box Car Children. My 1st grade teacher, Mrs, Daley, read it to us. The next year I read it for myself. There was no stopping me by then.


  5. I remember my third grade teacher read Black Beauty to our class. I fell in love with that story. Reading has always been my favorite past time.


  6. Sarah, if I love a book, I read it over and over numerous times. It’s almost like eating chocolate. I savor every page.


  7. As a teen I read Wuthering Heights a dozen times. It just happened to be the book my teacher assigned for senior English. I made 100 percent plus bonus points on the test. When she was handing our tests back, one of the kids said, geez Darcel, you really are smart. My teacher smiled at me and said, no, she just has read that book as many times as I have. 🙂 She knew my secret! And loved it!


  8. Martha Brown

    I love this post! I was one of those who read everything I could get my hands on growing up, and I knew the best books. They were the ones with the feather on the binder. And Christmas was special because a cousin of my dads would send a book to me and one to my sister in a brown paper package. It would come way before Christmas, and I could hardly wait to see that title. “Little Men, “Little Women,” “Under the Lilac Tree”…they came year after year until I went to college.


    • hamerse

      My folks bought me a Reader’s Digest series of the classics when I was a kid – it had dozens and dozens of the books I still love. Wonder where those books are now? Hmmm. Have to go call Mom. 🙂


  9. Sarah, I absolutely love your blog… Reading it I felt as if you opened a door to my own soul. I still can’t believe that, like me, you loved Madeleine L’Engle as a child. We must be kindred souls.


  10. I, too, read books over and over when I like them. You’re right it is like visiting an old friend. Reading makes me happy. Great blog.


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