Have You Ever Wanted To Run Away? Melb Moon.

Have you ever wanted to run away? To just throw up your hands, throw in the towel and slink away to a deserted island? Yeah, me, too. It’s been that kind of week. What do you do when you feel you world coming apart at the seams?



I’ll tell you what I do. I write. Yep, that’s what I said. I write. I take the angst that is boiling up inside me and pour it into the lives of my poor tortured characters. As I let them suffer, let them struggle, and fight their battles, it helps lift me out of my doldrums.



This week has been exceptionally trying and I found that my characters for my next story were eager to help me work my way through my disillusionment, disappointment, and pure anger by telling me how much worse their problems were. Okay, they asked for it, so I unloaded on them. They began to complain, but I reminded them they’d asked for it. So no quarter is to be given. Besides complaining to the author makes them weak characters. They didn’t like that suggestion, so they sucked it up and fought their way through the challenges I tossed at them.



How do you handle stress? How do you react when you are faced with a crisis? What is it that brings the depth of emotions into your work? Have you ever cried over the keyboard as you poured out your heart in your work?



I like a story that packs an emotional punch. I want to feel the angst, the pain, and the pride of success in the characters I read about. A great story is so much more than a beautiful setting and fancy words. It requires thoughtful pacing and building drama. Emotions that pull the reader deeper into the character’s struggle are a vital part of the story.



So, the next time the world gets on your last nerve, open a new file, name a new character and allow those emotions to paint a vivid story on your page. When you get that great story finished, polished and ready for prime time, send it along to Gilded Dragonfly Books.




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6 responses to “Have You Ever Wanted To Run Away? Melb Moon.

  1. Wow. Excellent post. My advice exactly. I’ve been teaching creative writing for 30 years and always, always tell my students to chanel their angst into their writing. Some of my students can attest that this kind of “therapy” works better than any other. In addition to relieving the pressures of those surprises that love to drag on our emotions, put those emotions in your writing!


  2. I also agree! Writing through my grief made 2 of my books BETTER, because I FELT what I wrote!


  3. Nancy,
    I’m glad you agree. It was a rough week and when you read the opening of my new short story, you will feel the angst. But guess what? Once I’d poured it out on paper, I was able to push past and the most beautiful fairy princess showed up to tell me what I should do with the story! Amazing.


  4. Mary, your work is always filled with emotion. It goes right along with that old saying, What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, doesn’t it?


  5. Melba you are so right. Great minds do think alike. Pouring your emotions into your work not only makes our characters and story stronger it makes us feel better as writers as well. Like you said, it’s therapeutic. Thanks for the great blog.


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