Twelve Years Later ~ We Remember

There are so many topics to blog about, events, stories, marketing, social media, but as I put pen to paper this morning, nothing seemed relevant. Today one event dominated my thoughts, a single moment in history that should never be forgotten. So instead of sharing new words of wisdom, I thought I’d share some old ones:

This morning I awoke like any other day, turned on my computer, checked my email then, preparing breakfast, I routinely switched on the news. Within seconds I knew it wasn’t just another ordinary day.

The world stood in shock, stunned while the media blasted the news over television and radio. Glued to TV, we watched the World Trade Center collapse and thousands of innocent men, women and children perish. September 11, 2001, recorded as the most tragic terrorist attack in American history, still haunts us. But we should remember and make sure our children and their children keep that tragedy seared in their minds along with the horror and loss America endured.

It has been twelve years since that fateful morning. But we remember––and today, we honor all those who lost their lives.




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3 responses to “Twelve Years Later ~ We Remember

  1. Thanks for reminding us of why we should treasure every single day. Writers especially should remember this.


  2. Jackie

    Thanks for the thoughtful reminder, Casi. We must honor those who lost their lives on 9/11.


  3. Sometimes we get so caught up in our daily lives, we forget the past that shaped our todays. As writers we don’t always live in the “real” world, but we need to slide back in and see the world around us to refuel our writing and to keep us “real”. Thanks, Casi, for the reminder.


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