East Metro Christian Writers Conference

                        East Metro Atlanta Christian Writers Conference


Last weekend I attended the East Metro Atlanta Christian Writers Conference.  Among the guest speakers were nationally known Cecil Murphy, Twila Belk, and Marlene Bagnull.  It was a time for me to soak up all the relationships, improve my craft, and experience a life-changing event.  Sporting a twinkle in his eye and curls on his forehead, Cec gave a dynamic speech that left us rolling in the aisles.  Twila, who serves as his handsome ‘Girl Friday’, came all the way from Iowa.  Marlene touched our hearts with her faith, and made us want to attend her conference in Philadelphia.

The benefits of attending writing conferences cannot be measured at the time of the experience.  The networking, workshops, and encouragement will reach far into the future.  I encourage all writers to attend several conferences each year.  There are many regional conferences that are affordable, and you can save for a national conference every other year.  Both will broaden your perspective and get the creative juices flowing.

The writing environment is so invigorating.  You get to meet writers from all over the country or the world.  You can sit at the knees of multi-published writers and experienced faculty.  Take the opportunities to build relationships with these talented agents, editors, and writers.  If these people give you their contact info, write and thank them immediately for the privilege of getting to know them.

When an agent or editor asks you to submit your work don’t delay.  One personal contact is worth one hundred queries to an unknown source.  The more experienced eyes you have to read your work, the better your chance of improving your work in progress and getting published.  New friends from conferences today will cheer you on to victory and promote your published work tomorrow.

The expense of attending a writing conference is well worth the time and money.  The new tips you learn and the great contacts you make are money in the bank to be used in the future.  Above all, writing conferences help you hone your craft, expand your horizons, and make new friends for a lifetime.   Networking at its best!



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4 responses to “East Metro Christian Writers Conference

  1. Listening to Cece (Cecil) Murphy would have been worth the time you spent there. I took workshops with him years ago and I still remember his words of wisdom and his positive energy!


  2. Thanks for dropping by, Mary. Yes, Cec Murphy is a dynamic speaker and inspiring teacher. I’m glad to hear that you have had the advantage of his workshops. 🙂


  3. MJ

    Thanks for sharing East Metro’s writers conference. I have to agree that nothing is quite as energizing as gather with other writers. The energy just swells and the creative juices flow. I agree that following through on those requests is very important.

    Now, if an editor for GDB has asked you to send something, what are you waiting for?


    • Melba, I know how much you like writing conferences, and your success shows how much you’ve grown as a writer. The best part is that you have a big heart when it comes to helping other writers.


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