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Bears & Elves and Rabbits & Fox Shifters and more! Of Mountains and Mysteries.

Two blurbs from the anthology Of Mountains and Mysteries.


Tears for the Past

Georgiana Fields

For being early spring, the stifling heat had Douglas Benge dripping in sweat. Of course wearing a fur coat on the inside didn’t help matters. He inhaled, taking in the smells of the forest and the stench of the gut pile at his feet. Flies swarmed around the mess. He noted a few maggots squirming on what he made out to be the large intestines, so the body wasn’t that old. At least scavengers hadn’t carried it off.
“What’s your take, Doug?” Mathew Autry asked. “You know Mayor Dumbass is going to have a field day with this.”
Doug chuckled. There was no love lost between the Sheriff and Nantahala’s mayor, David Wolverton. Those two have been at each other since high school. And they thought bears held grudges. “From the scent, I’d say we have another bear mauling. My question is, where the hell is the rest of the body?”
“I can answer that question, gentlemen,” a woman said as she stepped from behind a bush.
“This is a crime scene!” Mat yelled.

“Detective Isabell Halifax, GBI.” She flipped out her badge. “My partner is at the other scene.”

“GBI?” Mat crossed his arms over his chest. “This is my town, my crime scene.”

“And you are?”

“Sheriff Mathew Autry and my Deputy Doug Benge. I did not notify the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. So what the hell are you doing here?”

“That is correct, sir.” The woman glanced between Mat and Doug.

Doug took in the woman’s healthy figure and muscular arms. Her light brown hair she’d pulled back into a ponytail. He noticed she wasn’t painted up, either. He couldn’t understand why women thought they had to cover-up their beauty with paint. He breathed her scent deep into his lungs. Human, with an overlaying scent of something lethal. He inhaled again, trying to distinguish the scent. His canines lengthened and his nails itched. One thing for sure, she wasn’t a frigging bloodsucker, but it didn’t mean she wasn’t in league with them.

“I don’t plan to seize your crime scene, Sheriff Autry. This happened to be my weekend off. I wasn’t expecting to stumble onto a murder.” She glanced between Mat and Doug. “As you said, Deputy, bear attacks are on the increase. Looks as if you have a rouge with a wicked sense of humor.” She turned and pushed through the thick underbrush.

“It’s either Sheriff or Mat, you can call me sheriff.” Mat grumbled something about intruders and uppity GBI agents as he followed the detective. “You coming, Doug? Or are you just going to stand there?”

Yep, it was going to be one of those days. Doug trudged through the underbrush. His keen hearing picked up a murmured conversation up ahead. Sounded like Mat was pissed again. Nothing new there. Hell, Mat had been more of a bear than Doug since Mat’s 13-year-old son Gabriel took an interest in Wolverton’s 15-year-old daughter, Arabella. That was saying a lot, seeing Mat was human.

Doug stepped into a clearing at the edge of Crying Woman Falls, where his sight promptly fell on the Elf, leaning against a tree. Doug knew he’d scented danger on the woman.
Isabell whirled around in time to see the deputy shift into the largest frigging bear she’d seen in her life. The massive black bear reared back, standing on his hind legs. He had to be over ten feet tall, and she guesstimated he weighed about eight hundred pounds.

She was so dead.

But instead of killing her, he batted the sheriff, knocking him several feet backward. To make matters worse, her partner, Rowan, decided to fling a fireball at the bear. She snatched her firearms, pointing one at Rowan and the other at the deputy.
“I will so pepper your asses if you don’t put your dicks away, or would you both prefer I hand you a magnifying glass so you can see who has the biggest?”

“Damn, lady, I like your gumption,” the Sheriff cachinnated. Once he’d gained control of his laughter he pushed to his feet then stomped out the small brush fire Rowan started. “Doug, shift back.” The Sheriff cocked a black eyebrow at her. “Hope you don’t mind a little nudity.”

“Not at all. Seen one prick, seen them all.”

“You haven’t see—”

“No, not a word.” She cut off Rowan’s comment. She wasn’t in the mood to hear what he had to say, not after spilling her coffee, then refusing to get her another cup. The man knew she couldn’t function without her morning dose of caffeine. “You are on the top, bottom, and every other place on my black list this morning.” She faced the Sheriff. “As you can tell from the body, the victim was skinned and gutted. According to my partner, the victim was alive during most of it.”

“Wait a minute,” Deputy Benge said, crossing his arms over his chest, not embarrassed that his family jewels were on full display. But then, the man didn’t have anything to be embarrassed about, either. “What’s the deal with him?” He pointed toward Rowan. “Not only is he Elfin, he’s a Firebrand, and from his ink, he’s a convict. Of course if it wasn’t for him you’d be dealt with.”

Rowan stepped forward and the air around her crackled with energy. “Dealt with? Had you not decided to go furry, Baloo, she would not have known you were a bear.”
Oh, gawd, she was about to drown in a sea of testosterone. She placed a hand on Rowan’s chest. “Chill.”

He snorted and leaned against a pine. Sparks crackled around his clenched fist.
Yeah, she knew what the shifter meant by dealt with, as in silenced, killed, murdered, whatever.



The Rabbit and the Fox
Melba Moon

It had been years since he’d been this close to home. RT McCombs drove south along the Blue Ridge Parkway. He’d left Bakersfield four months ago, following the trail left by the hacker who’d stolen information from his clients, information they wanted back. He’d been closing in on her in Nashville when she’d vanished. It had taken months and a new linguistics data analysis tracker to pick up her trail.

The drive through the Chattahoochee National Forest signaled he’d soon be on familiar home ground. The word tasted strange on his tongue. Was it home, really? Would it ever be home again? Bitterness filled his mouth. No, Nantahala wasn’t home. It hadn’t been for many years. He’d stayed away, would still be away if this job hadn’t dragged him back. He pressed the button on the wheel to activate his Bluetooth device. He’d make the obligatory call to Jason, the head of the Southern Dominion, and let him know he was back, if only briefly. His older brother liked to keep his thumb on the pulse of the collective, so he wouldn’t appreciate a stray wandering into his territory, even if the stray was his baby brother. The call went to voicemail and RT hung up without leaving a message. Time enough to contact his brother after he arrived in Nantahala.

Tracking the little rabbit from Reno to Nashville had been easy, but just when he’d been ready to spring, something had spooked her and she’d gone underground. She’d cleaned out her bank account, what little there had been in it, and gone off the grid. Using the new tech tracking software he’d developed, he’d finally picked up her trail. Damnedest thing, the little bunny had surfaced in Nantahala, Georgia. This time she wouldn’t get away. She’d landed right in his home territory. He knew the area like the back of his hand. He’d grown up here. His family lived here. Never mind that he hadn’t been home in years. Nothing ever changed in Nantahala. The Dominion, old as the forest itself, still sheltered there.

Old secrets, traditions and values flourished here. Home, he’d come home. As a courtesy he’d stop by the Homestead and let his mother know he was in town. Then he would find out just what she was up to in an out-of-the-way little town like Nantahala.

The homestead, tucked into the side of Panther’s Peek, looked just like any other expensive vacation cabin nestled against a mountainside, but RT knew better. The large rustic cabin with two storied glass walls looking over the valley below hid a secret, one that no outsider ever learned about, the Southern Dominion.

Comment for a chance to be in a story by Mary Marvella!


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Of Mountains and Mysteries. Today’s taste!

Coming Home

Gina Dyer


He ran, struggling for each breath. If he stopped he would die. His pursuers would not stop until they killed him. His heart pounded in his chest as he struggled over rocks and fallen trees. They were closer now. He heard the baying of the hounds. If he could find the stream or waterfall, perhaps the water would help mask his scent, his trail.

Finally, the stream. He heard the falls to his left and moved downstream. The hound’s cries sounded closer and more excited. He moved into deeper water, hoping to evade the violent death closing in on him. He submerged himself, moving with the current. The roar of the falls increased. Exhaustion and cold drained him. He was tired, so tired that he fell over the edge of Crying Woman falls. He hit the pool, pushed under by the force of the water.

Struggling, he forced his way to the surface and drew in several deep breaths. He pulled himself onto the rocks behind the falls. Shivering, he tried to remain still and quiet. He couldn’t run anymore and could only pray he had escaped death. He rested his head on his arms, listening for sounds of pursuit. His breath caught in his throat. He swore he could hear a woman crying, sobbing as if her heart had broken. He turned his head slowly toward the sound.

A splash outside the falls, then another made him freeze. He bowed his head, there was nowhere to run. The dog’s growls were so close he could almost feel its hot breath. If only… He thought of his wife and son, then pushed to his feet. If his enemies wanted a fight, he’d give them one.


Spring in North Georgia could be a bitch, a beautiful moody bitch. One week there could be a tornado, the next an ice storm that knocked out all the power for miles. Today, however, was perfect. Declan James smiled and tilted his head back, allowing a shaft of afternoon sunlight to warm his face. Of all the exotic places he’d visited, this land had its own magic. It was a beautiful day to hike back to the cabin built by his great-grandfather. Wonder what remains of the homestead? He smiled as he remembered hiking and camping trips with his father and grandfather, his grandmother’s garden and her blackberry cobbler, and evenings spent telling stories by the fire. His childhood had been a boy’s dream. His smile faded, a dream until his father had disappeared. What happened? He would never leave us…

Declan shook his head, clearing out the negative thoughts. This was not the time to wallow in past sorrows. The answer waited out there. For today it was enough he walked on family land, land that had belonged to his family since the early 1800s. He needed to make some changes in his life. It only made sense to return to his ancestral home. Despite all the sorrows of the past, life had been good to him, allowing the trials he’d faced to make him a better, stronger man.

“It is a perfect day.” Speaking the words aloud, breaking the silence, made his words almost a prayer.

He was getting close to the homestead, just another half mile up the trail. Adjusting his pack, he continued along the trail. At the top he stood still, taking in the view of the mountains with their trees just turning a pale green. At the edge of his vision something moved. Smoke. Damn, the old cabin was on fire

Bounding down the trail, sliding on small rocks, he hurried….




After a lifetime of running from trouble, she thought she’d escaped it. It had actually kept pace with her.

Nancy’s trouble began the day the old man arrived with his contraption, an ugly, spikey thing that churned and chewed into the earth, upending the red Georgia clay along the back fence that she’d chosen for her organic garden. He’d left after cramming her dollar bills into his overalls with a dirty fist and a word of advice about hilling the squash and leaving plenty of space in between.

She pulled out the card he’d given her earlier, as grimy as the hand that extended it. On the back he had scribbled the name of the man he thought knew the most about planting gardens in Falls County, a Stephen Woodland, owner of the Woodland Hills Resort and a man who liked to oversee the gardens there.

Nancy made a mental note to check with Woodland, but for now she couldn’t wait to get started. She attacked the hard clods with the rotary hoe, or whatever the old gent called it. Even as it burrowed deep into the ground, she found it rough work. She would need a man’s help, and it certainly wouldn’t be her new husband since he traveled all of the time. Nancy would have to reach out to people in Nantahala…


But it might be different this time. She’d left Nantahala as a child, and now she was thirty-seven. Most of those years she’d spent in therapy to put her curse behind her. She finally had a new beginning. She had hope for her future and a home of her own. So when she uncovered the thin, small piece of bone a tingling began along her hairline. Not now!

Kneeling there, she carefully scraped away the earth from what could be the remains of an animal. This was her husband Paul’s old home place, and he probably had pets buried here. She would ask him tonight over dinner.

The bone began to glow. Her vision blurred and tunneled, and a coil of nausea unraveled in her stomach. Stop!

The shining bone fell away, drawing her down, down, into a dark vortex. No, no, I don’t want to see it! At the bottom of the abyss in a supine position, the rib cage obscenely exposed, rested a human skeleton with a crushed skull. Wisps of blonde hair still clung to the undamaged side.


Nancy closed her eyes and willed her mind to shut down

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Still So Much to Learn

It begins! Help me welcome the newest member of our family!

Sydney Montgomery

Dark Obsession Cover(1)

Tentative Cover for Dark Obsession.

Cover Courtesy of Crystal Wilkins

I attended the Georgia Romance Writers meeting in Atlanta recently and sat with Mary, my editor (that still sounds funky) and other authors at Gilded Dragonfly Publishing. For some reason, that particular Saturday meeting generated a packed house.

The president, Tanya, began the meeting with announcements, then asked if anyone had sold a book.

I sat there.

The announcements continued.

Mary looked at me and asked why I didn’t raise my hand.

“Because I haven’t actually sold a book to the public.”

She stared at me. “You sold a book to us!”

So that’s what that meant! I still have so much to learn.

I met up with Tanya and admitted my ignorance. She brought me up to the front of the room and introduced me as having sold my first book. Then she asked me to go to the…

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Georgiana Fields rocks! Crimson Dawn continues the Dhamipir saga in the Crimson series.  If you loved Crimson Dreams, Crimson Hearts, and /or Crimson Moon, you should grab your copy of Crimson Dawn. If you haven’t read any of them, why not?

This Dhampir series will  redefine vampire lore forever.  Come visit with Georgiana, Carol Shaughnessy and other GDB authors Sunday at  Georgiana will be on at 6 and Carol at 8.


The full moon cast an enchanting glow across the surf. Jenny tilted her head back and breathed deeply of the salt-brine air. She’d lost her heart to Royce Lucard years ago when her parents visited Wyvern House, the Lucards’ home in England. Jenny remembered the butterflies she’d had in the pit of her stomach whenever she caught a glimpse of Royce. She still got butterflies whenever she saw him. Jenny also remembered her heartache at thirteen when she burst into his study and found him with a woman. He’d yelled at her to get out, to get away. She’d thought she would die then. Strangely, the pain she felt now hurt more.

Jenny sniffed and blinked back her tears. Quaid had been right, but she would never admit it to him. She shouldn’t have healed Royce. But she couldn’t let him suffer. She’d felt his pain, knew the agony he suffered. She just never thought Royce would reject her because she helped him. She figured he would push her away because she was Fagan Dorjan’s daughter. Too bad she bruised Royce’s delicate male ego and healed him. It didn’t matter. If she had the chance to do it all over again, knowing the outcome, she would do the same thing. Jenny wouldn’t let Royce suffer. She loved him. How pathetic was that? Maybe she’d see Royce again.

Someday. Maybe not.






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October is time to get back in gear before Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas!

We at Gilded Dragonfly Books have been so busy getting books edited and sent out that we have neglected our blog. NO MORE NEGLECTING! I should be editing now, since I have 2 wonderful books to finish editing! (HINT Vampires and dragon shifters and more!) If you haven’t bought Haunting Tales of Spirit Lake,maybe you need some incentive. Georgiana Fields has a story in it. Mary Marvella and Melba Moon have stories in it! Check the cover for the list of fabulous authors! I mentioned Georgiana because book 4 of her Crimson Series is on preorder!  More this week and a cover reveal and blurb! 2AmazonComment and get a free ebook from two of the authors. I am one and we’ll need to coerce the second author!

Craft articles will follow next week!

Have you met Carol Shaughnessey?



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Join Katie Hart Smith and Me this Saturday!

Our Georgian Fields!


Join Katie Hart Smith and me at Braselton Gallery this Saturday, August 20, 2016, from 1 to 3 PM. We will be talking about and sign our latest books. Katie’s new book is Aspirations of the Heart. And I will be signing Crimson Hearts and Crimson Dreams. Come and13559058_1801047960127068_4377037462032170158_o help us celebrate Braselton Georgia’s 100th Birthday!

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Anatomy of a Front Cover

We take our covers seriously.

Nan Monroe

My second novel, Nightmare Lullaby, is very nearly ready to make its debut before the world — I’m reading the “home stretch” of the proof even now — and it has a front cover, courtesy of Gilded Dragonfly Books‘ artist Gina Dyer.

One of the things I love about working with GDB is their approach to covers. I’ve heard many writers complain about complete lack of input when it comes to the images meant to sell their books to the public. GDB, however, does nothing without checking with me first. The images you see on this cover are an integration of pictures I found on, so in a sense I collaborated with Gina on this cover.

The vision of a white-skinned woman dominates, the closest I could find to a representation of Meliroc, my lead character. She lacks the blazing, angry green eyes I describe in…

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An Open Letter to Whoopi Goldberg….We most certainly WERE Listening

Rebecca's Ramblings

Since I saw The View’s so-called “apology” clip on social media, I’ve given this post a tremendous amount of thought. My first instinct and knee-jerk reaction was to sit down with my laptop and blast them with full force…unload my anger  and outrage onto the page…err…computer screen…so I could purge it and get all of that negativity out of my system. I’ll admit, I even got about a quarter of the way through that piece, when I stopped to re-read it. It was a scathing, searing diatribe that quite frankly, made me ashamed of myself. It sounded like something that the View Crew would say…it was petty, spiteful, angry and distasteful. That’s not who I am as a person, a writer or more specifically, a nurse. Quite frequently, I end my blog posts with a sentence urging my readers to be kind to each other. I am a tireless advocate for tolerance, peaceful coexistence and doing…

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John Robinson, featured speaker Authors Combat Academy

Mark you calendars, Gilded Dragonfly Books’ editor for mystery, esponiage, military and suspense, John Robinson will present at this year’s Authors Combat Academy. Here is a link for more information.

April 17-19th in Nashville, TN.
John has promised to drop by and share highlights of his event.
Here’s a sneak peek at John’s bio:
John Robinson

Former Air Force Intelligence Officer, working in Analysis, Operations, Training, Deception, and Information Warfare fields.


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Spring Fling Multi-Author Book Giveaway

Pink Fuzzy Slippers Authors

romantic flower bouquetTo celebrate the first day of spring the Pink Fuzzy Slipper Authors are kicking off this loveliest of seasons with a romance giveaway. Each author is contributing one eBook in kindle or nook book to be awarded to the lucky winner, selected from the visitors who leave us a comment. We’ll announce the recipient of all these books on Monday. Comment away, and welcome to our updated blog. We used to be on Blogger, but recently moved to WordPress.

Below are the books we’re offering, an eclectic mix of romance from  a talented bunch of ladies.

From USA Today bestselling author, Mona Risk, a sweet and humorous romance novel,  her new release, WEDDING SURPRISE:

Monas CoverBlurb: Two weeks before their wedding, Claire and David receive an unexpected announcement that can destroy their relationship. Is their love for each other strong enough to turn the worst wedding surprise into the best?

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