Gilded Dragonfly Books proudly presents

14 year-old author has first book published

Alive Again by Regan Humphrey

Rain is a normal fifteen-year-old. She thinks. A good student at an exclusive all-girls school, she encounters a strange boy in the hallway–and he defies all descriptions of strange. He calls her by name, grabs her by the arm and then zaps the steel doors off the hinges with a massive electrical charge. Just in time to encounter a swarm of men in suits with submachine guns who seem determined to blow her up and her school along with her.

She begins to realize that the sudden chaos in her life is connected to the nightmares she’s been having. Nightmares that seem more like memories . . . someone else’s memories.

With Brandon’s help, Rain escapes, only to find that he’s part of an elite team of other equally bizarre kids sent to save her.

But from whom?

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