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Meet Carol Shaughnessey,  author the Drakken Series and

Carol married her high school sweetheart and followed him from duty station to duty, station soaking up experience and life.  She’s hosted SEALs and other shady and interesting creatures in home. She weaves their exploits of action and adventure into her stories with a healthy dose of erotica involving shape shifters and vampires.

Retired, she lives in the south where it doesn’t snow. If it does snow, it’s gone by tomorrow and she doesn’t have to shovel any of it away. How funny coming from a Yankee transplant, who learned to hunt and field dress dinner. She loves all things maple. (Those northern roots!)

Curious about the preferences of her dragon shifters preferences, I asked and she shared this information.

Attracted to power, Drakken love vehicles that bring them the freedom they seek.

Here are the top five, but by no means the end of the list.

  • HumVee or Hummer as it’s affectionately known in the civilian world.
  • Kia Sorento a small and easy to handle SUV
  • The Toyota Tundra a quirky midsize truck
  • Harley Davidson any make and model
  • Suzuki Hayabusa because it’s sexy

Favorite foods on the Drakken table

  • Steak – Porterhouse or T-bone, medium rare, please
  • Lasagna – who doesn’t like Italian?
  • Cheeseburgers
  • Eggs any way with flaky biscuits and chocolate gravy
  • Lemon meringue pie

So, do you have anything in common with them?

Check out the Drakken books!!

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Reading Is the Key by Melba Moon, Editor

Reading Is the Keyy

Hello everyone! Melba Moon here, I’m thrilled to be joining Gilded Dragonfly Books. Reading has always been my favorite thing to do. I started reading every romance in my school library at a very early age. My mother, being a woman of the “housewife/mother/stay-at-home” age, did not approve of “those” books, but she assumed hardback books from the school library were safe for her gently reared daughter. So I happily threw myself into the likes of Anya Seton, Jane Austin, and many others. The thicker the book, the more I relished it.

I remember the moment I finished reading a romance, closed the book with a happy sigh, and said, “I want to do this.” The rest, as they say, is history.

Unlike my mother, I supported my daughter’s desire to read romance. In fact, when she was struggling with reading I carted in a box of Harlequin sweet romances and settled her summer for her. By the end of that summer she’d read all those romances and most of the ones I had squirreled away. Her reading problem was a thing of the past. That is the magic of reading, it doesn’t matter what children read as long as they read! Reading will generalize. Oops, sorry, wrong hat. Taking off my teacher’s hat and putting back on my editor’s hat.

I have a very eclectic reading appetite. I love romantic suspense, contemporary, historical, paranormal and, of course, since I teach middle school, YA.

I am looking for a great story with a strong voice. I want a well crafted, grammatically correct manuscript. Please query with a brief summary of the story in your email. Attach the first three chapters and a synopsis of two pages to your email. I will try to respond within three weeks, but please be aware that currently I am laid up with a broken ankle.

Please study the style sheet our editors/copyeditor put together and make your manuscript shine before you send it in. Remember, there is only one opportunity to make a great first impression. Please email your submission to mmoon68851@aol.com. Please use GDB/your title in the subject line. All submissions must be in English.

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